General questions and answers

  1. Our translations are certified and notarized by default – you don’t need to ask for it.
  2. Most translations are ready in 24-48 hours.
  3. Send us your document for a free quote.
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We translate the following languages, both from English and into English:

FinnishMongolian Swedish

Each project is unique, and because of a number of factors it is almost impossible to predict the delivery deadline without seeing the source document. Please send in your files and allow one of our specialists to prepare a quote and get back to you personally.

To give you a ballpark estimate:

LanguagesPage CountWords CountGuaranteed Turnaround
Spanish, Portuguese /Brazil, German, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Italian, Chinese1-3 pages< 750 words24 hours
4-8 pages750 – 2000 words48 hours
9+ pages> 2000 wordsRequest a Quote
All other languagesAny sizeAny sizeRequest a Quote

You will always receive a service which includes a quality translation that has been completed by a native speaker of the target language, along with a document proofreading which has been carried out by another linguistic professional and a native in the target language.

We are an Internet company based in New York City, NY. You can place your order at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will ship certified and notarized translation back to you for free (by USPS Priority mail).

Prices vary based on the length, difficulty and format of your texts.

All translation charges are calculated on a per-word basis with the rate being determined by the language, the turnaround time and the nature of the subject matter. Standard rates are applied to most translations; however, a surcharge may be added to highly technical or industry-specific projects. A minimum charge is applied to translation projects containing fewer than approximately 300 words in the target language.

Minimum charges are a translation industry standard. Small translation projects aren’t economically viable for translators or agencies when priced using a straight per-word calculation method. Our minimum charge is $85.00.

Here’s our typical translation process:

  • Intake: Client provides all materials and objectives;
  • Evaluation: We quantify work and identifies language issues;
  • Proposal: We create proposal and secure sign-off from client;
  • Translation: Our translator create translation;
  • Editing and Proofreading: Our editors review the work and resolve any issues;
  • Client Review: Client review translation and we makes any changes;
  • Quality Control and Certification: Translation911 manager review the final deliverables and prepares certificate of accuracy;
  • Delivery: Project delivered to client

First and foremost, good translator have a solid command of grammar and syntax in both the source and target languages. Besides:

  • Good translator only translate materials into his/her native language (very few people are gifted enough to handle bi-directional projects).
  • Good translator have a knack for balancing the content of the source document with the cultural and language-specific norms of the target language, and have the experience to know when to favor one concern over the other.
  • Good translators keep his/her language skills current by reading newspapers, magazines, and professional journals from their native country that set the norms for current usage.

We use native speakers proficient in both the target and source languages. Translation assistance software is used where appropriate, but we not currently provide any type of machine translation services.

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